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As being part of TECNALIA’s strategy in the field of sustainable buildings and communities, KUBIK is the infrastructure where all new developments could become physical. New ways of more sustainable construction as well as new products developed together with industrial partners to build up more energy efficient buildings are tested in KUBIKby Tecnalia. This aims to increase the energy efficiency of new buildings as well as to find new market niches for the Construction and Energy sectors, being affected by a strong crisis, as a way of increasing their competitiveness by innovating and developing more added-value products and services.
The potential of this infrastructure is to mobilise the industrials towards a more innovative and added-value business, in the field of energy efficiency in buildings and urban areas. As the European Commission is forcing new buildings to reduce their energy consumption and increase their energy generation from renewable sources, this is creating new business models which are a starting basis for new companies (start-up) as well as for bringing innovation to the activity of existing ones towards what will be the future of the construction sector.
KUBIK is a full-scale R&D test facility for the development of new concepts, products and services in order to improve energy efficiency in buildings. The main distinctive feature of KUBIKby Tecnalia is its capacity to create realistic scenarios with different building uses.
KUBIK enables the evaluation of energy performance, acoustic performance, indoor air quality and air tightness evaluation of the scenarios built, taking into account the holistic interaction of the constructive solution for the envelope, the intelligent management of the climatization and lighting systems and the supply from non-renewable and renewable energy sources (wind power, solar, geothermic).
It is important to note the contribution of KUBIK for the activities related to the new product development for buildings. Currently, the technical development of a product begins with the numerical analysis and simulation of the product, carried out in a virtual scenario. The product is then tested in a laboratory in accordance with standardized procedures, and is finally launched on the market.


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