High Performance Computing Centre

Áreas de investigación
  • Physical Sciences

Tel:(+34)943-01.87.86 | Fax(+34)943-01.58.00 | email: cfm@ehu.es

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The “Computing Centre” consists of two High Performance Computing (HPC) clusters:

  • Oberon cluster (the main CFM HPC cluster) is composed of 174 computing nodes with two Xeon processors and at least 24GB of memory on each node, all of them sharing a high speed-low latency Infiniband connection network, giving a total of around 1936 cores and ~5TB of memory.
  • Nostromo cluster is designed for shared memory – single node calculations. It is composed of 17 AMD Opteron 6300 series computing nodes with 64 cores and 64GB of RAM each node, giving a total of 1088 cores and about 1TB of memory.

These two clusters give service to a variety of computational needs in the centre, mainly to the ab-initio calculation of advanced materials, which is a transverse topic within the centre. Apart from these clusters, there are 11 workstations in order to run specific numerical applications.


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