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Electron Microscope Platform

Electron Microscope Platform

Research Area: 
Physical Sciences
Engineering & Technology

CIC energiGUNE
Parque Tecnológico de Álava
c/ Albert Einstein 48
01510 Miñano

Tel. +34.945.297108


Wei Zhang- Head of Unit
Email: wzhang@cicenergigune.com

Yan Zhang- Technician
Email: yzhang@cicenergigune.com

Available for external users?: 

The Electron Microscopy Platform is the center for the microstructural characterization of the materials studied in the CIC Energigune. Ultimate spatial resolution combined with the simultaneous acquisition of spectroscopic data are used to guide the synthesis of new materials as well as to monitor structural developments induced under electrochemical reactions ex-situ down to the atomic level. The aim is to get an insight in the relation between structure and electrochemical properties. This service offers electron microscopy measurements using a Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) and a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM), as well as support with the relevant sample preparations. For sample preparation a dedicated laboratory especially offers the equipment for applying mechanical and ion beam thinning, carbon and gold coater and plasma cleaning. The services are provided for research groups within the center as well as to the external users like other research centers or other public organization, but also to commercial companies and private people.


TEM high resolution imaging bright field/dark field imaging selected area diffraction hollow cone illumination STEM fast spot scanning elemental mapping EDX qualitative elemental analysis quantitative elemental analysis elemental mapping Image simulation particle shape focal series reconstruction high-resolution image simulation.

SEM SE (Secondary Electron) low voltage imaging surface morphology BSE (Back Scattered Electron)Â material contrast topography Sample preparation for Light Microscope, SEM, TEM, XRF Separating: Diamond wheel saw Ultrasonic disk cutter Grinding and polishing: Grinding and polishing machine Dimple grinder Ion beam thinning: Precision Ion Polishing System.


Scanning Electron Microscope - FEI - QUANTA 200FEG

Our Quanta 200 FEG (FEI) scanning electron microscope (SEM) was installed at CIC Energigune in the winter of 2010. It is a high resolution environmental microscope capable of running in 3 different modes: high vacuum, variable pressure and environmental modes, which means that it can handle all specimens even uncoated, non-conductive samples as well as wet samples that require being above the vapor pressure of water. The combination of high output thermal field emission (> 100nA beam current) with a high sensitivity (18 mm) allows get final resolution until 3-5 nm.