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Igor Villarreal: Electrical Storage and Energy Management Area Manager ivillarreal@ikerlan.es

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The electrical storage laboratory is a fully equipped laboratory; there is equipment to test any electrical storage technology, from the cell level (up to 6 V) or module level (100 V) up to battery pack (600 V) level and climate chambers up from -40 ºC up to 2000 L. With this equipment it is possible to characterize the different technologies in very wide conditions, obtaining a reliable data. The main information that could be obtained is a technology selection in function of the application requirements, the degradation model from the lifetime behavior, control algorithms (SOH, SOC, balancing) for reliable control operation and electrical and thermal modelling,


With the laboratory IK4-IKERLAN is covering the entire value chain of the electrical energy storage sector, starting from the commercial cell up to the battery pack. The solutions that can be provided by this laboratory respond to the need of end users and to those of storage system suppliers. With the generated knowledge is possible to custom reliable electrical energy storage systems in function of the application or at the same is possible to select and identify the most appropriate technology and supplier. Also we collaborate with battery pack suppliers increasing the added value of their products increasing the reliability, sizing methodology and lifetime behaviour.


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The equipment consists of Equipment • Battery testers at cell level (6 V), module level (100 V) and Battery pack level (600 V) • Climate chambers (-40°C-180°C) from 200 L up to 2000 L • Adiabatic calorimeter • Impedance Spectroscopy Equipment (EIS)