Construction Materials Characterisation Laboratory

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Blanca Ruiz de Gauna
+34 671 084 003

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The Construction Materials Characterisation Laboratory consists of accredited laboratories where the technical characteristics (physical-mechanical, durability and chemical properties) of construction materials are assessed; to guarantee their reliability and safety and compliance with national and international standards and regulations.

Climatic chambers: Temperature and humidity chambers, thermal shock chambers, UV ageing chambers: fluorescent (QUV), with xenon arc lamp, salt spray chambers, humidity saturation chambers…
Equipment for physical tests: viscosimeter, gloss meter, colorimeter, pignometer, thickness gauges, particle size gauges, sieves…
Mechanical Testing Bench Universal Testing Machine and Structural Dynamometer, impact meter, abrasion meter…
Equipment for analytical techniques (FTIR, FTIR - ATR, Micro-ATR; GC, HPLC-MS, DSC, U-IS, TGA….).


Innovation assessment of new construction products.
Verification of compliance with EN, ISO, UNE, DIN, NF, BS, ASTM, etc. standards.
Voluntary and compulsory certification: CE Marking, ETAs, Technological Innovation Audit (TIA)…
Technical Inspections.
Guidance on the standardisation of raw materials and products.
Quantitative and qualitative determination of components.
Development of testing protocols to assess the physical-mechanical performance of non-standardised products.


Parque Científico y Tecnológico de Bizkaia
C/ Geldo, Edificio 700
E-48160 Derio-Bizkaia (Spain)

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