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Fernando Martinez: Microsystems Area Manager

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The Clean Room Laboratory covers 300 m2, fully equipped with the latest tools for micromachining: mask aligner, substrate bonder, DRIE, sputter tool, furnaces, microelectronic packaging, wafer bonding, microstereolitography, reliability analysis, optical and electronic microscopes. Those processes enable prototyping of Microsystems and miniaturised smart systems capable of carrying out functions like sensing that can be applied in restricted or hostile industrial environments The Laboratory is divided in three different areas: • First one, class 100 level, includes Fotolitography processes, • Second, class 1000, contains Processing, Characterisation and Chemical benches. • Finally, class 10000, is devoted to Packaging housing and integration


This laboratory and equipment allows to IK4-Ikerlan to be specialised in the activities of promoting and spreading microsystems technology towards the industry in the fields: Mechanical microsensors, polymer based microfluidics / microanalitycal devices and System integration. Thanks to these facilities IK4-Ikerlan covers the overall process for developing a microsystem or smart system, from the design and simulation, over prototyping to packaging and characterisation. Relevant services provided by using that equipment are: • Prototype fabrication processes by lamination of polymeric and/or adhesive films. • Fluidic control components. • Microchannels and bonding of polymeric microdevices. • Microchip Packaging (flexible and rigid). • Processes for metallic layer pasivation. • Metallic layers on the internal or external side of polymeric devices (for heaters, flow sensors…).


IKERLAN, S.Coop. Polo de Inovación Garaia Goiru Kalea,9 20500 Arrasate - Mondragón, Gipuzkoa

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The equipment consists of: • Mask aligner, SUSS Model MA6/SB6 ) • Sputter, Pfeiffer Model Classis 500 • Controlled atmosphere chamber, Braun • SEM Electronic Microscope model Quanta 200 • Perfilometer-profiler, model Dektak 150