Mechanical Design and Behavior Research groups

Ceit-IK4's Design and Mechanical Behavior Group is a multidisciplinary group that combines mechanics, materials engineering and computation. It specializes in three main areas:

  • Design, analysis and theoretical and experimental evaluation of machines and components, providing value from idea conception and through the manufacturing process, and all stages in between: calculating, dynamic analyses, redesign, detailed design, and even building test benches when needed.
  • Optimization of the hot and cold forming of materials (rolling, forging, HIP, etc.) by combining experimental techniques with simulation via the finite element method (FEM) and designing the most appropriate tools.
  • Structural integrity and the prediction of component life as a function of service conditions, which relates mechanical properties and microstructure and involves the development of specific experimental techniques in order to evaluate structural integrity and determine failure mechanisms.
Campo de investigación

Engineering & Technology

Prioridades RIS3
  • Advanced manufacturing