Data Intelligence for Energy & Industrial Processes Research groups

The Department of Data Intelligence for Energy & Industrial Processes is focused on providing knowledge and technology for data driven optimization and improvement of industrial processes, mainly in the following sectors:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Electricity sector
  • Industrial Manufacturing Processes
  • Environmental Processes
    • Waste Water Treatment Plants (WWTP)
    • Environmental management based in Remote Sensing data

By applying Data Science on processes that are typically managed based on deterministic models we can offer the following advantages:

  • Better understanding of complex processes
  • Monitoring and decision support for highly complex systems with big data volumes.
  • Early detection of anomalies and identification of causalities as well as the relevance of the related variables.
  • Data driven prediction and optimization
  • Integration of multiple data sources including those that are no supported by deterministic models

To this end, we own our own Big Data resources able to afford data analytics problems along the entire chain from capture to exploitation.

  • Capture and storage: Access protocols to sensors, databases, networks.
  • Pre-processing: Data healing and transformation in real-time
  • Processing: Scalable implementation of prediction, classification, optimization and analytics algorithms implemented on cloud infrastructures
  • Visualization: Visual Analytics solutions through interactive multidevice dashboards that represent data through models and allow an intuitive understanding of complex systems. Furthermore, these visualizations provide good knowledge related to the system output (prediction, sugestions, optimization results, etc.)

Campo de investigación

Engineering & Technology

Prioridades RIS3
  • Energy
  • Advanced manufacturing
Investigador principal
Igor García Olaizola