Advanced Powder Metallurgy and Laser Manufacturing Research groups

ur projects mainly focus on industry, and we carry them out in collaboration with nationally and internationally leading companies in the sector (powder and equipment manufacturers and producers of components and systems based on them). Research lines

  • Metal powder and composite material atomization. Powders for use in additive manufacturing, magnetic materials and the automotive and aeronautic sectors.
  • Hard and superhard materials. Cutting tools and tools for hot and cold forming. High-entropy alloys and components with high dimensional accuracy. Superabrasive materials (diamond and cBN). Sectors: advanced manufacturing, mining, civil works, oil and gas.
  • Powder metallurgy steels. Development of air-hardening alloys. Surface treatments. Automotive sector.
  • Hot isostatic pressing. Aeronautics sector.
  • Magnetic materials. Manufacture of hard and soft magnetic materials using powder metallurgy routes. Atomization of FeSiB and NdFeB powders. Magnetocaloric materials. MIM processing of soft magnetic materials. Aeronautics sector (EMA). Hoisting and lifting, household appliances.
  • Materials for extreme applications:
  • High-performance fiber-reinforced ceramic composites for combustion systems. Porous materials based on SiC, high silica and other fibers. Use of unclassified fibers. Energy sector.
  • Creep-resistant steels. ODS. Energy Sector.
  • Alloys for nuclear fusion reactors. Self-passivating tungsten-based alloys. SiC components.
  • Thermo-optical coatings
  • Components for braking systems. Sintered multi-compounds. Transportation sector (railway, automotive).
Campo de investigación

Engineering & Technology

Prioridades RIS3
  • Advanced manufacturing