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BIOEF - Basque Foundation for Health Innovation and Research

The Basque Foundation for Health Innovation and Research (BIOEF, from the Basque Berrikuntza + Ikerketa + Osasuna Eusko Fundazioa), set up by the Department of Health of the Government of the Basque Country, is an instrument to support the health authorities of the Basque Country.

Its mission is to promote innovation and research in the Basque Health Service, Osakidetza, to achieve continuous development and improvement in the capacity of the service to care for the health of the people in the region. In particular, to enable it to fulfil its mission, the Foundation seeks to provide a framework for collaboration, cooperation and communication between the sectors involved in health research, development and innovation at regional, national and international levels. Foundation’s assignments develop through O+IKER, O+BERRI and O+EHUN


Torre del BEC (Bilbao Exhibition Centre)
Ronda de Azkue, 1 48902 Barakaldo

Phone number: 
+34 944536890