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Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence

The main objective of the group research activities is to provide tools and techniques in the fields of Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence that can be useful for many real world problems such as biometrics, human-machine interaction, remote sensing, community discovery, visualization, 3D modelling of rigid and non-rigid structures, Multimedia, virtual advertisement, online garment simulation, engineering applications of machine learning, to mention a few. The proposed activities are targeting the extraction of semantics from raw data (Videos, Images, biomedical images,  etc).  The group have been developing several research tracks dedicated to visual data analysis and pattern discovery.

The research tracks of the group  belong to the intersection of several fields such as geometric modelling, statistics, image processing, pattern recognition, and machine learning. The members of the group have excellent research expertise for conducting an internationally recognized research in their field.
 The proposed tasks aim to go beyond the state of the art as well as to support some technological applications and knowledge transfer. One main objective of the group is to produce cutting edge knowledge through disseminating research findings at international journals and conferences. The group members are setting many international collaborations and seeking several international projects. Besides, the group has been giving graduate and undergraduate students an excellent training in a wide-range of techniques, including computer vision, image processing, and pattern recognition.

Main Research Lines: 
Machine learning based segmentation of large bio-medical image data
Face Image Analysis for Tracking, Recognition, Gesture recognition, Expression Recognition, and Age estimation
Data mining: Graph-based learning tasks, semi-supevised data embedding, manifold learning, prototype selection, community discovery