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Biosensing Lab

The biosensing laboratory carries out research aimed at the development of new analytical and bioanalytical techniques, using metal and semiconductor nanoparticles. Our work is also focused on the fabrication of novel biosensors employing different read-out methods, such as UV-visible and fluorescence spectroscopy, quartz crystal microbalance, electrochemistry and photo-electrochemistry. 

Research lines

Synthesis in situ of nanoparticles with analytical application  
-    Driven by redox reactions and metal cations
-    Driven by redox and hydrolyzing enzymes
-    Driven by interaction with DNA

Reshaping of metal and semiconductor nanoparticles
-    Enzymatic etching of semiconductor nanoparticles
-    Enzymatic etching of metal nanoparticles and nanorods
-    Control of the shape of nanoparticles via enzymatic etching

Fabrication of new labels for biosensing
-    Antibodies carrying atomic clusters of different materials
-    Selection of DNA aptamers for various proteins carrying atomic clusters
-    Application of labels bearing atomic clusters to bioanalysis

Additional Information. Group Website: http://personal.cicbiomagune.es/vpavlov/