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The IK4 Alliance was formed in 2005 in line with a federal model, whereby its members share strategies and combine capacities without giving up their sovereignty. Through a shared strategy, the sum of the capacities of the nine centres provides the alliance with the flexibility it needs to adapt to the characteristics of any company. In other words, this strategy qualifies it technologically to provide a global response to the needs of large companies, while simultaneously fostering its capacity to maintain a close and committed relationship with SMEs. Today, IK4 is a benchmark on the European scene and is among the continent's main private, scientific and technological corporations. Attention should be drawn to IK4's leading role in the European Union's 7th Framework Programme, in which it has participated in over 200 research projects and led 63 of them. IK4 is in an ideal position to establish long-term relations as a strategic ally of companies in the matter of innovation. This makes IK4 a benchmark in participation in research projects promoted by the public administrations. It comprises 9 organisations in the Basque Country (click on each institution for more information):


IK4 Research Alliance

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