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The BCBL is equipped with a Siemens 3T Magnetom magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) device for functional, structural, and diffusion tensor imaging. This system uses the Siemens total imaging matrix (TIM) coil system with a 32 channel RF coil, which provides high image quality and improved performance with iPAT (integrated parallel acquisition techniques), excellent workflow, and whole body imaging functionality up to 181 cm (6 ft.). It comes with a TQ-engine (45mT/m @200 T/m/s)offering a large anatomical coverage with a maximum field of view (F0V)of 50 cm. Siemens protocols allow for BOLD imaging and bunched (‘silentperiod’) imaging, as well as T1-weighted anatomical scans.Diffusion-weighted images can be acquired using a spin echo echo-planar imaging sequence that provides at least 60 gradient directions.


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