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Preservation and Packaging Laboratory

Preservation and Packaging Laboratory

Research Area: 
Physical Sciences
Engineering & Technology
Life & Medical Sciences

Parque Tecnológico de Álava
Leonardo Da Vinci, 11
E-01510 Miñano (Araba/Álava)


Jesús Valero
Health Director
Tel.: (+34) 946.430.850

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Please contact Tecnalia - Health


This is a room of 78 m2 adequately equipped for:

Obtaining of biopolymeric films by casting
Application of biopolymeric coatings on food and packaging materials
Incorporation of active compounds to films and coatings
Obtaining of bionanofillers by chemical method
Biopolymeric films characterization: mechanical properties, solubility, thermal behavior, water vapor permeability
Food texture analysis
Main equipment: climatic chamber, hot press and mixer for film obtaining, coating application equipment, water vapor permeability equipment, texturometer, water activity equipment