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X-Ray Diffraction Platform

X-Ray Diffraction Platform

CIC energiGUNE - X-Ray Diffraction Platform

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Physical Sciences
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CIC energiGUNE Parque Tecnológico de Álava 01510 Miñano Tel. +34.945.297108


Montse Casas Cabanas Head of the Unit mcasas@cicenergigune.com Damien Saurel Researcher dsaurel@cicenergigune.com Brahim Orayech Researcher borayech@cicenergigune.com María Jáuregui Technician mjauregui@cicenergigune.com

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X-RAY Diffraction Platform


X-Ray Diffractometre XRD allows chemical and physical characterization through the identification of crystalline materials and their structural determination. Structural and morphological changes of materials under temperature changes or electrochemical cycling can also be followed. Through XRD the following can be determined: unit cell parameters and atomic content for pure crystalline samples, phase identification, microstructure (crystallite size, shape and strains), phase transitions, reaction mechanisms. We can offer the study of solid materials through measurements under different temperatures and atmospheres as well as upon cycling in an electrochemical cell. SAXS Small angle neutron scattering (SAXS) is complementary to XRD by focusing on the smaller angles, before the first diffraction peaks appear, giving information on disordered or amorphous matter that may not give significant XRD signal, and in a general way on the microstructure of the matter (phase separation, porosity, nanoparticles, aggregates, polymer topology and organization etc...) in the range 0.3-100nm. Hence, the topology in the range 0.3-100nm of materials can be studied, in order to relate their microstructural features to their physic-chemical properties. We can offer the study of solid and liquid materials (either as pure materials or composites), liquid solutions as well as electrodes that have been cycled in electrochemical cell. Measures are done at room temperature and under vacuum (10-4 Torr).


SAXS (Small-Angle X-ray Scattering) is a reliable, economic and non-destructive method for analyzing nanostructured materials, yielding information on particle sizes and size distributions from 1 to 100 nm, shape and orientation distributions in liquid, powders and bulk samples.

The D8 ADVANCE is an all-purpose X-ray analyser which can be configured for all powder diffraction applications, including phase identification, quantitative phase analysis, micro-structure and crystal structure analysis.