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Radiochemistry Platform

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CIC biomaGUNE Parque tecnológico de Gipuzkoa Ed. Pº Miramón 182, 20014, San Sebastián


Vanessa Gómez Vallejo Email:vgomez@cicbiomagune.es Telephone no.: +34 943 00 53 30

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The radiochemistry platform includes a radiochemistry lab equipped with 5 hot cells which house automatic-remote controlled synthesis modules (suitable for the preparation of PET and SPECT radiotracers), a shielded laminar flow cabinet and state of the art quality control equipment, including radio-HPLC, radio-GC, radio-TLC and gamma spectrometry. The versatility of the equipments allows the synthesis of a wide range of known PET and SPECT radiotracers, as well as the design of new labelled structures to undertake pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic studies. The platform, furthermore, includes a fully equipped lab for radioactive metabolite analysis in blood and tissue samples and a cell culture lab for in vitro studies with radiolabelled ligands.


Radiotracers Catalog 11C Radiotracers: [11C]Acetate, [11C]PH11195, [11C]Methionine, [11C]Choline, [11C]DASB, [11C]Kendine, [11C]PE2I, [11C]Raclopride, [11C]Harmine, [11C]PIB, [11C]QNB, [11C]Sidenafil, [11C]Flumazenil, [11C]FLB-457 18F-Radiotracers: [18F]F-, [18F]FDG, [18F]FAP, [18F]FLT, [18F]FDDNP, [18F]FMISO, [18F]Altanserin 13N-Radiotrancers: [13N]NH3, [13N]4-Pheylazo derivatives 15O- Radiotracers: [15O]H2O Clycotron IBA Cyclone 18/9 cyclotron: it has seven targets for the routine production of [18F]F- (2 units), [18F]F2, [13N]NH4+, [15O]O2, [11C]CO2 and [11C]CH4. A solid target suitable for the production of other positron emitters (e.g. 124I, 89Zr, 45Ti) or direct activation of nanomaterials is also available. Radiochemistry Laboratory Production area: Once the activity is generated in the cyclotron, it is transferred to the synthesis modules, where the synthesis, purification and formulation are performed; those modules are placed inside the hot cells, made of 75 mm of lead. This area includes a shielded laminar flow cabinet to prepare the dosis in aseptic conditions and a hot cell dedicated to 68Ga. Quality Control Area: The laboratory is also equipped with state-of-the-art quality control equipment, including radio-HPLCs, radio-TLC, radio-GC, GC-MS and multichannel energy analyzer. Cell Laboratory The cell laboratory is equipped with all the necessary equipment to work in a level 1 cell laboratory. Furthermore, a rotating radioimmunoassay equipment (LigandTracer) is available to perform real-time monitoring of protein-cellsurface receptors binding studies, among others. Metabolite Analysis Laboratory In the metabolite analysis laboratory, a radio-HPLC, a gamma counter and several centrifuges are available to be able to run metabolite analysis and dissection, cut and counting studies.