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Bioengineered Particles Lab

The Parak group will work towards the following research goals at CIC biomaGUNE: Nanoparticles have a lot of promise for future biomedical applications, but before successful clinical use first potential risks have to be evaluated, which in turn will also allow for improved nanoparticles. In particular the fate of nanoparticles inside living organism from the level of cells to animals or humans still needs to be better understood. We want to investigate if nanoparticles change their integrity once they are inside living organisms. For example, what happens to proteins adsorbed to nanoparticles once they are incorporated by cells. We will carry out this study using different radioactive labels for the nanoparticles, their coating, and the proteins. We hereby will closely cooperate with the group of Jordi Llop at CIC biomaGUNE and use the excellent infrastructure provide at CIC biomaGUNE. We also will work towards medical applications of nanoparticles. We will use magnetic nanoparticles as trigger for the release of drugs. For this purpose drugs will be incorporated in polymeric containers, which will be also modified with magnetic nanoparticles. The encapsulated drugs are not active. However, application of local radio frequency signals will heat the magnetic nanoparticles, which in turn will open the container and cause release of the drugs. This would allow for an externally controllable delivery system. The group will also use the microscopy facilities of CIC biomaGUNE for investigating nanoparticle uptake by cells on a general level.


Science Field: 
Life & Medical Sciences

RIS3 priorities: 
Biosciences & Health

Main Researcher: 
Wolfgang Parak

Paseo Miramón 182, 20009 Donostia/San Sebastián (Gipuzkoa)