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Email: mmoller@cicbiomagune.es
Marco Moller
Email: mmoller@cicbiomagune.es
Telephone no.: +34 943 00 53 25

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The EM-Labs offer electron microscopy works using Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) and Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM), as well as support with the relevant sample preparations. Conventional methods at ambient temperature and gentle methods at low temperature are run.


For ultra high resolution studies and works under low electron dose conditions it is provided a FEG-TEM of type JEOL JEM-2100F UHR (80kV - 200 kV) equipped with STEM (BF & DF) and OXFORD INCA EDXS systems, and a state of the art TVIPS F216 CMOS camera (2k x 2k). For high contrast studies and routine works it is provided a LaB6-TEM of type JEOL JEM-1400PLUS (40kV - 120kV) equipped with a GATAN US1000 CCD camera (2k x 2k). A DITABIS image plate system (6k x 5k) can be used with either of the TEMs, enhancing their possibilities to acquire wide field of view images or electron diffractograms. Cryo-transfer sample holders of type GATAN Model 626 can be used on either of the microscopes. Special JEOL sample holders, like a quad specimen holder for higher sample throughput, a high tilt holder for tomography, and a beryllium holder for EDXS are available for the proper microscope.

The SEM of type JEOL JSM-6490LV, equipped with SE and BE detectors and an OXFORD INCA EDXS system, is used for surface studies. The multipurpose sample preparation chamber GATAN ALTO1000 is mounted directly to the SEM

For sample preparation a dedicated laboratory especially offers the equipment for applying modern cryo methods: a plunge freezer system FEI VITROBOT, a high pressure freezer LEICA HPM100, a freeze substitution system LEICA AFS-II, a cryo-ultramicrotome LEICA UC7/FC7 and a freeze fracture, freeze etching and sputtering system GATAN ALTO1000 are available. For advanced physical vapor evaporations the thermo resistant and sputtering evaporator systems EDWARDS AUTO306 and AUTO500 are available, as well.

The services are provided for research groups within the institute as well as to the external users like other research centers or other public organization, but also to commercial companies and private people. Usage rates are published here: tariffs of the EM-Labs . For further inquiries please contact the Platform Manager, Mr. Marco Möller.


Transmission electron microscopy

200kV transmission electron microscopy and high resolution TECNAI G2 20 TWIN. Equipped with LaB6 filament, digital image system and ±70° tilt. Includes:
- STEM unit with light field/dark field detector.
- X-ray microanalysis unit (EDX), made by EDAX.
- Low dosis exposure technique.
- Cryomicroscopy. Single-tilt cooling sample holder (±70°)(Gatan 626 DH model) with temperature control up to liquid nitrogen (Gatan 900 model).
- Beryllium double-tilt sample holder.
- Single-tilt sample holder.