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Language & Culture

The Basque Country has two official languages: Basque and Spanish. In case you are interested in learning our language, our Euraxess nodemay assist you.

The Basque Country provides a top-class cultural environment in which art and history exist in perfect harmony alongside a broad cultural offering including events such as internationally famous music festivals and more deeply rooted celebrations: Jazz Festivals in Getxo, Donostia- San Sebastian and Vitoria- Gasteiz.

We cannot fail to mention the relationship that Donostia-San Sebastian has with the cinema. This can be seen from the San Sebastian International Film Festival (www.sansebastianfestival.com/), and the no less prestigious Horror and Fantasy Film Festival which is held in the city at the end of October.

The Basque Country is a land of great artistic richness, one in which cave paintings can be found along with a wide range of megalithic monuments and archaeological sites from different historical eras. The Roman, Gothic and Renaissance periods are all present in emblematic monuments in the three territories; without forgetting the current importance of the Basque Country in terms of new modernist architecture.

In this summary of the cultural features we must make a special mention of the interesting and high-quality museums in the Basque Country: The Guggenheim Bilbao Museoa is an international benchmark for contemporary art, the Artium, Basque Centre-Museum of Contemporary Art in Vitoria- Gasteiz and the Bilbao Museum of Fine Arts. In addition, there are ethnographic museums, various interpretation centres and the possibility of discovering the hidden secrets of the Basque Country.